VOD's Of The Week

by Adam Johnson

Check out the VOD’s of the week.

Nowhere by Amir Amadi and Thee Strange featuring Alex Broskow is a 15 minute face melter.

Farewell Minnesota by Jeph Howard is a going away profile that reminds you even though Jeph, Farm, and crew have already killed the streets of Minnesota there are always new things to murder.

Don Bambrick by Vibralux Denim is Don’s first full length profile since Charg!ng and it doesn’t disappoint.  Full of technical wizardry and tricks that are rewind worthy this is well worth the download.

Chris Farmer by Vibralux Denim.  Chris tried to kill himself filming this part, what else do you need to know?

While you are at it take a look at the older VOD’s that have had price reductions and enjoy the fruits of our labor and support the homies.  Thanks!