Vibralux Denim and Valo Brand are proud to present the VXVII.

Established in 2003 Vibralux Denim and Valo Brand are two of the most established skater owned companies. 

This is a limited edition, exclusive partnership between Vibralux Denim and Valo and is only available through this site.

The VXVII is a classic V13 PU shell and cuff with an Italian crafted, hand made, leather and denim cover featuring the classic 2 piece soul plate, gold eyelet, and black memory buckle.


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Valo Brand and Vibralux Denim present "Don Broskow" featuring Alex Broskow and Don Bambrick.

Kansas City, Des Moines, Detroit, Flint, Brooklyn, Los Angeles.

Song - Blue Orchids - The Flood